These Were the Most Popular Items People Ordered During the Holiday Season from Amazon


It was the holiday season just past that smashed all of the previous records Amazon had when it came to shoppers spending on their platform.

In just a single week, there were over 4 million individuals who signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime or for a paid membership.

Over the festivity period, there were over 1 billion items ordered from entrepreneurs and small businesses across the world. Just in the few days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, there were almost 140 million items sold.

Amazon had some eye-opening facts about their own performance during this busy season:

  • There was enough baby monkey toys bought that they could all be hanged from end to end descending the Empire State Building over 100 times.
  • There were so many televisions sold that there could be 2,500 Space Needle sized towers worth of television placed end to end on each other.
  • There were so many shoes purchased that if you managed to line them up from end to end, this would span all the way from Miami to Alaska. 
  • There were enough pressure cookers bought that over 9 million bowls could be filled with chilli.

Here are the details about some of the best selling items that Amazon had during this period:

  • The home item that sold the most was the robot vacuum.
  • The Instant Pot DUO80 was the most sold kitchen item.
  • The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strong-arm Blaster was the most sold game or toy item in the United States.
  • The television series that was sold the most during the holiday season by Amazon was the Walking Dead.


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