Office Trends That Reflect a Companys Personality


As a division of a company based in Japan, the Takeda Pharmaceuticals offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts bear a distinctly Japanese influence. Origami and the concept of creating space through folding were key inspirations for their 2017 redesign and as a result, their new space is full of defined angles and geometric shapes.

This enclave, featuring a lounge from our Lagunitas Seating Collection and a SW_1 Lounge Chair, simultaneously feels open and private, creating a beautiful retreat within the office. We love the custom fabric on the Lagunitas and the vibrant colors of the carpet and SW_1 chair add a striking pop of color.

Office design is an excellent way to enhance company branding and reflect the overall personality of a brand. Heineken took full advantage of this when their offices in White Plains, New York were redesigned earlier this year, prominently featuring branded colors and the company logo throughout the entire space.

One of the main things Heineken wanted from their new design was to create social hubs to encourage employee interaction and engagement.

One of the key goals in Red Hat’s Mexico City office redesign was to naturally encourage interaction and collaboration. Their new space fully embraces the concept of the third place, featuring beautifully designed lounges, cafés, and enclaves where workers can step away from their desk or the conference room and focus on a task by themselves, work with others, or socialize.

The space pictured below, which includes our Wing Chair CH445 and EMU Heaven Table, is just one example. Between the use of color, varied angles, and light, they’ve created a space that’s visually interesting and engaging without being overwhelming


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