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Interview Preparation

In your interview for a big position, your job is to convince the recruiter that you are capable for doing what they are looking for. You should go into the interview feeling motivated and ready to convince the recruiter why you deserve the job more than anyone else in your position. You need to convince yourself that you are interviewing for this job because they saw something in you in the first place - this will make you walk into the office in a more confident manner, which is what they want to see. If you are confident, they will feel more confident that you are the best fit for the position because you know you can do what they are asking for. We have put together an interview prep plan that will allow you to feel more ready to conquer your interview and get an offer for your dream job.

Office Trends That Reflect a Companys Personality

As a division of a company based in Japan, the Takeda Pharmaceuticals offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts bear a distinctly Japanese influence. Origami and the concept of creating space through folding were key inspirations for their 2017 redesign and as a result, their new space is full of defined angles and geometric shapes.

Work Space Items That Will Make You Healthier

Sitting at your desk for endless hours while staring at a computer screen isn’t necessarily ideal for your health. The sheer amount of inactivity can sometimes be overwhelming even.

Do The Research

If you get a sense of being overwhelmed by the task of stepping up and creating these skills, then try to think of it like breaking it down into parts. 

The Best Briefcase Picks

A briefcase is no longer just a necessity. Aside from its functional goal to keep your laptop and papers, it can also be a stylish addition to your office wardrobe.  

The Carry-On’s You’ll Want For Your Next Business Trip

In a world of business travel, more and more people choose not to check their luggage but to take it with them. This way you can work on the plane and get faster out of the airport. In a world like that - you need a carry on bag that you can rely on - because you know it will be in use.