The Concerns That Keep People In Jobs They Hate


It’s no secret that a lot of people are unhappy with their job. While some people just hate working most people believe that they would be happier if they were able to find the right career and workplace. So why do so many people keep returning to a job that they hate? The biggest reason is fear. The unknown can be scary, and when people are forced to choose between something they know they don’t like and something that they might like even less they will often choose to stay put.

This doesn’t mean that fear is destiny. By taking the time to identify the fears that might be holding you back you can work to overcome them. So let’s look at the top three concerns that keep people from leaving jobs they don’t like.


Monetary Concerns

The most obvious thing that people have to deal with is their income. You need money to survive, and if you quit your job, you will lose it as a source of income. Many people don’t have any money saved up so there’s a very real question of how long they’ll be able to get by once their income is cut off.

The best way to overcome this fear is by rethinking how you handle money. If you cut back on your expenses and work to save up more money, you can build up a safety net that you can count on when you’re between jobs. Chances are you are spending more than you need to be happy and cutting back can really help you feel freer.


Self Doubt

If you’ve been doing a single job for a long length of time, you might be afraid that you only know how to do that one thing. It can be easy to look at new jobs and start freaking out as you think about all the new things you’ll be asked to do. So what do you do if you’re worried that you don’t have the skills for a new job?

The first thing you need to believe is that you have more skills than you might think. Start by taking the time to take notes about all the noteworthy things that you’ve achieved. Then you should look at each item and break it down into the skills you used to make it happen. Soon you’ll probably have a long list of skills that might carry over into a wide range of jobs. If you still feel like you don’t have the skills needed for the job of your dreams, then you should consider enrolling in a class that will help you learn what you need to succeed.


Overwhelming Choices

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Too many options may not sound like a real problem, but it can cause some very real struggles. It’s easy to dream about all of the opportunities out there in the world but when it comes time to move on you’ll need to make a choice and commit to it if you want to succeed. So how do you overcome a world of options?

While you’ll eventually need to commit to a choice eventually, that doesn’t mean that you have to leap from one career to another in one jump. Consider trying a wide range of options in your free time before quitting your current job. Try different things until you find something that feels like a good fit for you and then move forward accordingly. If you’re prepared to experiment and try new things you’ll be much more likely to find the right path forward.


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