Check Out the Five Items the Readers of Strategist Have Been Buying


The readers of Strategist are always there purchasing the latest and greatest items on offer, as well as the more traditional items that have been tried and tested throughout the years. There has been a massive rush to buy a number of the featured items in recent weeks, with the holiday season being a fervent time of year for retailers.

During the recent holiday seasons, more than one billion items were sold across the world by entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you feel that your tastes and needs align closely with the readers of Strategist, you may be interested to see which were the best selling items in recent times.

The number one seller on the list was also the leader the last time this list was done, being the Gold & Snail slime eye patches.

In second place is a new entry onto the list and it is the Vitamix 5200 blender which is no doubt part of many people’s New Year plans as they try to turn over a new leaf when it comes to their health.This mixer can blend almost anything you can think of.

In the third spot on the list is the leather Baggu Bag that is for everyday use and this is closely followed by Hairstory, which is a miracle shampoo replacement.

Then rounding out the list at number five comes another entry that is no stranger to this list, the Parachute mattress topper which allows you to reasonably and easily transform the look and feel of your bed instantly.


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