Keep Refining Your Skills


To succeed in your dream role, it doesn’t mean that you get the qualifications, start the work, and then you find yourself on top. To success means constant effort. Motivation is key here. When it’s in a role you love, and an area you are passionate about, then inspiration and motivation aren’t so difficult to create. You will naturally have that drive to put in the work.

This is a bonus for all of the people seeking their dream jobs, rather than staying in a dead-end career they feel stuck in. Motivation is much harder to create in a role that you internally resent. 

So once you have entered the field, in following the above steps of getting your skills up and getting your name out there, then it is time to keep refining these qualities that have helped get our foot in the door, so you can step fully into this job with confidence.

After all, you want to not only be enjoying what you do but also be putting something valuable and important out into the world, right? The way to do that is to invest in you. Investing in yourself is investing in success, is investing in something of quality and substance being offered to the world.

Here are some ways to continue to grow and thrive in your field:

1. Read everything you can.

A great deal of reading is a good start. There will always be tons of different books on your subject of interest, all from varied points of view. This is a great place to start to see where your own personal point of view lies. For instance, if your dream job is to create your own cupcake bakery, then read up not only on recipes and styles that you know you already like, but also branch out to the different and unique forms of cupcake baking that people are doing, so that you can expand your mind and inspiration.

Reading also helps you find out where this area of business/industry is heading, and who the most notable names are in the field. 


2.  Find a mentor.

This one can be so valuable for long-term growth, and accountability. If you can find someone to work with personally, like a coach or guide, then amazing. They will help to keep you on the path to success, get things done, and also help to refine your own sense of what you have to give and say in your career.

Alternatively, following the path of an inspirational teacher or leader in your area is also a great way to feel that you have a mentor figure that can keep you inspired. 


3. Keep looking for learning opportunities.

They may come in the form of short courses and training that you find on the weekends or evening seminars or lectures. Learning opportunities could also come in the form of some collaboration work, or volunteer events where you are working with others, not exactly for the money, but for the experience of branching out to do something in a way you may normally not do. 


In a nutshell, it’s all about spending time on you – growing your capacity to be a real influencer and success in your chosen area. 


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