Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist


Venture Deals offers entrepreneurs and startups a decisive and friendly orientation for learning about venture funding.

This book goes further than just providing a general idea of the process and gets into details about the parties, term sheet, legal issues, negotiations, and what not to do in a comprehensible way. Its third edition has been put up-to-date with new realities of the complex startup market: how to make decisions, what each and every item and word on the term sheet means, what can you negotiate, and what can’t. 

Venture Deals shows you the secrets to escalating your forecasts, knowing how to negotiate a great deal for you and your company, and understanding the balance you need between funding and control.

The book proposes the understanding of the course through the vision of an investor, the lawyer, the organization and the venture capitalist to create a strategy that helps to reach a win-win agreement. 

Venture Deals aims to support entrepreneurs to succeed in these deals by fetching transparency to the procedures of venture funding. The book gives a walkthrough from beginning to end so you may:

  • Learn how venture capital funding work, and what investors take into account to invest.
  • Using game theory to understand effective negotiation strategies and get the best deal for your company
  • Explore and understand the meanings of the items in the term sheet
  • Dodge common mistakes that may stagnate deals and all stages of the negotiations


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