Top 12 Highest-Paid Professionals in the US


If you want to make some serious money, try out one of these professions. 



Doctors take the top spot with a median base salary of $144,500. If you factor in the risks that these professionals often take, it’s just rightfully so that they’re the top earners.


While it depends largely on the particular type of law practiced, the median income does stray far from $144,500. 

R & D Manager

Developing and improving products take a lot of work. Innovation, after all, comes with a price so, R & D managers are usually paid up to $142,120. 

Software Development Manager

These days, almost everyone has a smartphone. To make apps work properly, software development managers have to make sure that each one is absolutely perfect. This is why they take home an average of $132,000.

Pharmacy Manager

Like physicians, pharmacists deal with people’s health. Add the requirement of a master’s degree to become one and the pharmacy manager’s wage becomes understandably high at $130,000. 

Strategy Manager

Charting the company’s path is a heavy burden to carry and only the best employees get to do this. A strategy manager’s experience and risk makes their average of $130,000 seem small.

Software Architect

Designing software and communicating it to company leaders who usually know very little about the technical side of the very basic elements of programming is a difficult job. The median base income of $128,250 for these guys make a lot of sense. 

Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer

Electronics is the gateway to the all-important internet. It’s only fair for the engineers who design and create the hardware to be paid handsomely for the convenience.


IT Manager

Companies rely more and more on computers these days. This makes IT Managers one of the most important employees and therefore one of the best compensated.


Solutions Architect

When the designers hit a snag, Solutions Architects come to the rescue with fresh perspectives on the problem. This important work is compensated with a median income of $120,000


Engagement Manager

Keeping connected with your clients is just as important as developing your product or service. To companies, this is worth as much as $120,000 in median base salaries.


Applications Development Manager

Years of experience in software design is a basic requirement to become an applications development manager. That experience is worth $120,000 to companies.


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