Do The Research


If you get a sense of being overwhelmed by the task of stepping up and creating these skills, then try to think of it like breaking it down into parts. 

Firstly, research what this dream job requires in terms of education, skills, certification and all the rest. That way, you know what is required of you. Maybe your dream job is already in the line of work you are in – just in a different setting. This means you’ll have a little less to do than if you are switching careers altogether. 

You can also reach out to professionals in the area to talk about how they got into their jobs, and to get some wise advice to really start to narrow down the most important first steps to take.

It may not require you to go completely back to school and get a whole new degree. Try to think outside of the box and consider what you could do in terms of online or in person short courses, programs and self-study to get these skills.

Not all professional work needs a specific degree. Many writers didn’t graduate from journalism, they started out in smaller writing jobs (with smaller pays) in order to get their experience up to eventually land that bigger article writing job they were looking for. Or graphic designers might not have to go to a multi-year graphic design specialty degree, but rather complete some online courses and take part in some volunteer work in order to brush up their skills. 

Basically, the key here is to know what is required of you and find ways to meet those requirements of skill, experience and qualification. That is a great starting point to get the ball rolling and to make you really feel like you are on your way to where you want to be.


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