Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Beefing Up Security


The world of crypto “outsiders” and traditional cyber security firms is coming together as Trading Technologies announces a new collaboration with cryptocurrency exchanges to shore up their safety.

2018 was been a tough year for cryptocurrency. In 2017 it looked like the technology might finally achieve the reach that promoters had been talking about for years, but in December the value of Bitcoin took a dive that it still hasn’t recovered from. And on top of declining values crypto users have also been faced with a long series of security breaches that have hit a variety of different exchange markets.

The world of cryptocurrency has always been something like the Wild West, lawless and free. That’s what attracted many to the technology, for both good and bad purposes. People have always looked for ways to steal cryptocurrency, and the increased value of these digital currencies has only incentivized thieves. A series of high profile hacks left the crypto community reeling, so it only makes sense that crypto markets would look for help to turn things around.

Enter Trading Technologies. It’s a company that started out creating trading software for more traditional trading arenas. The company operates out of Chicago, one of America’s traditional trading hubs. But they are confident that their technology will also help companies that deal with the cutting edge of the crypto trade.

To achieve these results, Trading Technologies uses machine learning to monitor exchanges made on Coinbase, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange markets. The new tech will look for suspicious behavior that could be the sign of forbidden market manipulation. These sorts of technologies have long been a part of traditional trading platforms, but it’s new to the world of cryptocurrency.

It’s clear that many people are having second doubts about cryptocurrency. The very thing that attracted many to Bitcoin and other cryptos is now turning them away, the lack of regulation. As the crypto world tries to reinvent currency, it looks like it’s becoming more and more like traditional forms of currency as they learn the lessons that traditional industries learned years ago.


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