Want to Create a 21st-Century Work Culture? Follow These 3 Steps


Rather than organizations expecting their supervisors, managers and leaders to behave in an authoritative manner, they should set aside time to develop a workplace that thrives on human-centric values, one that is flexible and open to free thought.

Want to give your work culture an upgrade? Follow these three steps:


1. Review current new-hire materials, guides and policies.

Pinpoint all traces of any commands and language that convey the message that the organization’s way is the right way and employees don’t have a say. Look at what your fellow companies are doing and speak to your managers and employees on what they think needs improving. Afterwards, modify the language to create a modern environment that’s more “human” towards those that work for it.


2. Attend some training sessions and management meetings.

To make the office a place where your staff wants to get work done, as well as make contributions, begin by retraining managers and getting senior management involved in the process as well. Leaders who value their job security too much and don’t want to put themselves out there are more likely to transfer their fears onto their employees. Remember, change comes from the top, so begin by speaking to your CEO or president about change, especially if they seem to be set in their old ways.

3. The way disciplinary actions and annual reviews are used should be reconsidered.

Managers should focus on dealing with the problem at its root rather than writing up their subordinates when they are in the wrong. Are the recurring disciplinary actions over the same infractions? It could be the infractions are outdated due to the diverse and volatile nature of modern workplace environments. Could it be that they are undertrained, which is why all these mistakes are being made? It could be time to revisit mentorship programs and provide additional training. If old workplace traditions seem ineffective, these are key things to consider to make better-informed decisions and see positive results.


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