Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers


Tim Ferriss has more than a couple of years interviewing world-class and very well-known people in his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show. These people range from celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Arnold Schwarzenegger and athletes like powerlifters, swimmers, gymnasts to Special Ops commanders and biochemists.

Generally, when is guests go to the show is the first time they agree to a two or three-hour interview. The depth of his interviews has helped The Tim Ferriss Show to achieve more than 100 million downloads and is the first business podcast to achieve that milestone.

Tools of the Titans has detail tools and strategies that he has learned from his past guests, including new tips, life stories, routines, tactics and habits you won’t be able to discover anywhere else.
What makes The Tim Ferriss Show and Tools of the Titans so unique is its focus: Tim is harsh, insistent and emphasizes on practical details. He asks about what they do in the first hour in the morning when they wake up; what are their workout routines, if they have any-; what are the books they have gifted the most; what are the daily habits they have to be more effective; what are the biggest and most common mistakes the newbies make in their field, and so on.

Tim Ferriss views himself as an experimenter, not an interviewer. He believes if he cannot try something and repeat its result in the factual reality that does not interest him at all.

Everything he writes in Tools of the Titans has been inspected, toured and applied in his life to some extent. He has used many of the strategies he proposes on the book in many high-pressure environments, and high-risk negotiations.


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