This New Marketing Tactic Is Beating Traditional Sales Methods


A new business model is changing traditional advertising and popular companies like Harry’s and Casper are prime examples of how consumer trust is more important than exaggerated claims.

Harry’s Simple and Straightforward Approach

Without thinking too hard, you can probably recall a few brands that claim to the best. Gillette’s “The Best a Man Can Get” catchphrase doesn’t hold up when dozens of other models offer the same quality shave. Terms like “Turbo” and “Mach” are used so often they don’t mean anything anymore.

Brand personality used to be all a company would need to drive sales. Now, consumer trust is paramount to business. To earn that trust, companies have to showcase their expertise and passion for their product.

Harry’s, a producer of men’s shaving and grooming products, was based on the belief that customers don’t want too many choices when it comes to buying razors. Consumers just want companies that stand behind their products.

Harry’s brand is all about simplicity. They sell one kind of blade and replacement heads are $1.87 each. You can buy additional upgrades, but every product is simple and functional. Harry’s business approach seems to be working as they bring in roughly $200 million each year in sales.

Casper’s Passion for Their Product

Casper uses similar methods. They worked hard to create the “one perfect mattress” that combined foam and latex materials for optimal comfort. Casper is passionate about getting a good night’s sleep, and they gained trust by offering direct-to-consumer products that helped keep prices low.

The combination of customer trust and passion propelled Casper sales from $1 million in their first month to $100 million within two years. Similar to Harry’s, Casper strives for simplicity and effectiveness.

These two companies are changing business in a big way, proving that passion for what you do and simple, quality products are the best methods to earn customer loyalty.


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