American Airlines Ban on Plastic Straws


One of the big movements in 2018 when it comes to everyone trying to do their bit to try and help the environment is replacing plastic straws with safer alternatives. The latest company to announce that they would no longer be providing plastic stirrers and straws is American Airlines.

Instead, they will be providing their customers with stirrers and straws that are made out of bamboo and that their flatware will gradually be transitioned into being eco-friendly. It is this month when these changes are set to come into effect in their lounges and it will be later on in the year that their planes will implement these changes.

According to the airline’s estimates, there will be over 71,000 pounds in plastic each year that will no longer be needed. This is certainly a great change that will no doubt have positive consequences and may cause other companies to stand up, take notice and implement similar changes in their own operations.

This is especially notable given that American Airlines is the biggest airline in the world and it is now one of the biggest companies that have committed to stopping the use of plastic straws.

This came not long after Starbucks announced that they would have plastic straws phased out of every one of their stores by the year 2020. No doubt there will be other large companies following suit in due course, doing their own bit to try and help the world.


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