The Future of Self Driving Technology


Are self-driving vehicles the way forward? Waymo, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet inc. certainly believe this to be true. They are looking at introducing self-driving trucks, hoping to cover 80% of the US freight market.


Waymo are not without competition. Other companies, such as Uber, are looking at investing in self drive vehicles. Sadly, Uber suffered a major setback with a fatal accident involving one of their autonomous vehicles.


That still leaves plenty of other big players, such as General Motors’ Cruise in the US, and Baidu in China. Elon musk’s Tesla is also in on the game. They have developed a new chip for their autopilot drive-assist systems. Who knows where all this futuristic vehicle technology will take us? 


For Google, it started as a well-funded science project. This has developed into a healthy enterprise that helps to fund further research in self driving vehicles.


Waymo’s present Ride services are worth around $80billion. Currently, they offer self-drive cabs. Their robo-taxi services, piloted in Arizona, have been a great success. With even more revenue, once charges are enforced, it will bring more revenue for continued research. They hope to focus on the trucking transportation as well.


It’s not only about movement of people, but also a way of creating faster delivery of goods. With the target of a 1hour delivery service, it will encourage more ecommerce orders. This competes well with the instant buy ability of the high-street stores. All positive for the customer.



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