The Employers that Pay Their Staff’s Tuition


A lot of companies out there have grasped the importance of providing “college dollars” as part of their employees’ benefits packages, because the training and education that employees receive in college benefit their employers as well.  Below are some companies that pay their staff to go to college.


The tech giant Apple provides a college tuition reimbursement program that covers their full-time employees for all classes up to $5,200 and also provides refinancing of student loans for staff who have already finished college.



Google, Apple’s closest rival, provides college tuition reimbursement of $12,000 annually to employees pursuing higher education. To get your college education partially paid by Google, you have to work really hard, becomes the company reimburses only staff members consistently earning straight As and Bs.



Oil and gas giant Chevron offers its devoted employees a unique opportunity to participate in a tuition assistance program that provides reimbursement of up to 75% of approved training and educational pursuits. They, too, have realized that their workforce is one of their strongest assets.



In the world of personal computers, Dell is a synonym of reliability and professionalism. This is so, because college tuition reimbursement is an important part of the company’s comprehensive talent encouragement portfolio. Dell pays full tuition costs of staff studying at accredited schools, colleges, and universities.


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