Networking is Paramount


It’s all about who you know, right? Well, yeah – who you know is really important in any area of business now. In a world of connections and social media reigning supreme in the world of marketing and promoting, it is imperative that you start to make connections in any area that you are trying to succeed in.

This doesn’t mean you have to set up a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account and get the most followers and find the best brand affiliate programs in order to be successful in this world. It can also be some old fashioned face to face networking with real people, in order to create real connections in the area you are looking to create a career in. 

It really does pay to have friends and connections in places that are above you, or in line with your work. It will help get the word out of your offering, or if you’re still trying to make it in your business, it may even help to secure you some work or land that perfect position.

Many people have found a great role in a great place from skipping all the interviews and application process, by having a stellar recommendation from someone they had a great conversation with one time at a networking event 

Below are some tips for networking to help you out:


1. Find content that is along your lines of interest, and noting the companies, blogs, websites, influencers who are sharing this content.

Leave thoughtful responses to posts, articles, newsletters, and become a frequent contributor to their discussion. A phone conversation later, you can introduce yourself, and perhaps plan a meeting to brainstorm a working relationship, or possible opportunity to collaborate on a project.


2. Find industry events.

 Search for events like conferences, lectures, panels, days-out, and attend as many as you can to not only learn the art of your career but to also get your face known as a regular in this field.


3. Be courageous.

It can be an intimidating thing putting yourself out there, contacting people, and sometimes being rejected or passed off. It’s all in the practice of just showing up. Eventually, all that effort you put in will be rewarded, if even it is just one valuable relationship that you build.



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