How Grove Is Helping The Average Person Manage Their Finances


Once upon a time only the rich and powerful could receive financial assistance from trained professionals. But as time has gone on the financial planning industry has spread, so that more and more people could get the financial help they need. The industry is taking another big leap with the introduction of a startup called Grove, which seeks to ensure that everyone can have access to the sort of financial planning they need to flourish.

Grove was started in San Francisco back in 2016. It was founded by a man named Chris Hutchins who dreamed of introducing financial planning to a new generation. Grove is built from the ground up with millennials in mind, although the company’s services are open to people of all ages.

The team behind grove is built upon the work of traditionally trained financial planners. This isn’t another Silicon Valley startup that’s looking to replace everything with an app. Grove is a new sort of hybrid business that uses the knowledge developed by traditional financial planning companies with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Grove offers a full suite of options for people. They can start out by working with clients to map out a financial plan. If you want to get out of debt they can show you how. Moving beyond that they can even help to manage your investments to ensure that your money is working to make you even more money.

Proponents of Grove say that while many companies claim to offer the services that Grove provides they are a cut above the rest because they genuinely care about their clients. While other companies are focused on extracting as much cash as possible from their customers Grove is focused on the financial health of its user base. They understand that they only truly succeed if their users succeed.

As of writing Grove’s services are available for $600 a year as a limited time offer for early adopters. This number might seem large to those who are new to financial planning and are used to free or low-cost apps, but if you know anything about old-school financial planning, you’ll understand that $50 a month is a steal. Even after the price goes up to $900 a year it’s still one of the most affordable options available if you’re looking for financial planning provided by a trained professional rather than a mindless algorithm.

Grove isn’t for everyone, but it is still one of the most accessible companies in their field. Getting started with them is quick and painless. They have really worked hard to make financial planning as easy as possible. Instead of having to drive into an office you can communicate by e-mail, text message, or the official Grove App.

It’s clear that Grove has created something special. They are bringing financial planning into the 21st century. Anyone who needs to make sense of their finances should consider what Grove is offering.


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