Aston Martin Mulls Over Going Public


Aston Martin is one of the most well-known car brands in the world, but despite their fame, they still haven’t reached a public offering yet. That might change soon. The company that is most famous for its connection to James Bond may be going public.

The thought of an Aston Martin public offering has many salivating. The company is valued at around five billion pounds. This would make it one of the more dramatic offerings that could be made in the foreseeable future. Aston Martin would be instantly catapulted to the heights of the London Stock Exchange at a time where the exchange is dealing with uncertainties surrounding the drama of Brexit.

One of the things that might have inspired the possible change is the success of the latest model of Vantage. The original Vantage was released in 1972, and since then a number of different models have been released with the name. The latest model might be it’s most successful. 2018 has just started, but Aston Martin reports that it had sold out its 2018 stock of the car months ago.

Last year the auto manufacturer delivered five thousand vehicles, the highest number that the company reached in the past decade. The demand has clearly outstripped the supply, and a rush of new money from investors could allow Aston Martin to expand and keep up with the demand.

While many are eager to get their hands on Aston Martin stock others are more skeptical. The brand has been so successful since it was created in 1913 partly because of the tight control that its owners have maintained. By opening up the company to the public investment, the company’s branding might be put at risk.

The rush for profits to justify the move might lead Aston Martin to leapfrog the actual demand and end up producing a surplus of vehicles, cutting into profits and hurting the company’s impeccable reputation. Still, the potential for even greater growth and profitability might be too strong for Aston Martin’s current owners to deny.

The move might also be risky when you consider the uncertainty surrounding Britain as it prepares to depart the EU. The scheduled departure from the EU is still over a year away, but investors are nervous about how the London Stock Exchange will fare.

Still, even with the cloud of uncertainty hanging in the air the Exchanged reached climbed over fifteen billion Pounds in 2017, even with the news about Brexit. Aston Marin could show the world that Britain in general and London in particular still have plenty of economic power even as they leave the EU.  

It should be noted that right now there is nothing solid, just rumors and preliminary moves from the manufacturer. Aston Martin has talked with a variety of well-connected financial experts to see whether or not the market is right for them to enter into it.

The people in charge of the company clearly understand the weight that they are carrying as they make their decision. The fate of a British institution with over 100 years of history rests on their shoulders.


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