Wild Ride: Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination


You have two amazing abilities: a quick and easy way to get a total stranger to take you anywhere you want and to learn the true story of Uber’s spectacular rise and its genius CEO and founder’s massive ambitions.

Travis Kalanick was a candid, rough-edged entrepreneur before becoming famous as the public face of Uber. To him, Uber is still a startup, even now as a $69 billion global transportation giant. He’s always focused on the next world to conquer, much like his IT and mobile technology counterpart Steve Jobs.

Like his company, Kalanick has earned a reputation for being relentless and combative against competitors. Both Uber and its CEO have inspired appreciation and hatred as they’ve flouted government regulators, stirred controversy over alleged exploitation of drivers, and thrown the taxi industry into a tailspin. They’ve even changed the deeply ingrained human behavior of not accepting a ride from a stranger. 

Wild Ride is the first true story about Uber’s global empire. Veteran journalist Adam Lashinsky goes back to the beginnings of Kalanick’s massive ambitions in his humble roots and delves into Uber’s start and the wild ride of its massive expansion and growth.

Uber has been in the news time and again over its rapid expansion around the world and eye-popping valuations. This work is the first account of how it really became the industry giant that it is today and how it plans to continue its “wild ride” into the future.



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