Dogecoin Is For The Crypto-Anarchist


The decentralized system surrounding bitcoin works, and it has essentially created hundreds of billions of dollars in value.

Presently, in the cryptocurrency world, bitcoin remains in the number one spot; however, in second place is monero. This is due to monero’s privacy strengths –a huge deal in our current society which revolves around the idea of surveillance.

In third place, is dogecoin. Dogecoin is essentially every single thing that bitcoin currently stands for. It’s an ideal example of the term: “crypto-techo-anarchy.”

It is owned by no one, it is controlled by no one, and it is, for all intents and purposes, a “jungle” of sorts.

Dogecoin will to do exceptionally well if crypto-anarchy happens to be a part of the future. Also, dogecoin cannot “go bust” unlike stocks in the stock market.

At the present, our society is made up of socialists versus the libertarians. Crypto is disliked by the state socialists; however, bitcoin is liked very much by the libertarians. Consequently, our future will consist of permission-less, decentralized cryptocurrencies as political struggles continue, and ultimately, those currencies will likely do pretty well.

Even though it may seem like a bit of a stretch, political extremists’ of the 19th century, along with the anarchists and the socialists, their political ideas and views are what presently drives our current society.

So I’m owning bitcoin, monero, dogecoin and many other minable coins and awaiting the outcomes of the never-ending dramas ahead. As long as the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto is possible, the upside remains so titanic, that any cheap long shot is worth backing with a little of your hard earned ‘fiat.’


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