3 WordPress Alternatives For Serious Business Owners


The strategy that WordPress has been offering for the last decade has been more of a multipurpose kind of style. A common factor that brings its websites down to a crawl is the tendency of many web owners to install too many plugins on the site. The following are three competitors to the giant that could be a solution that may not have as many features as WordPress, but certainly have important advantages. There are certain areas website owners are particularly concerned about, and these options definitely beat WordPress on some of them.



Powered by Laravel PHP frameworks, Statamic is a flat file (it has no database, instead, it stores all the information as individual files on the hard drive) that performs really fast and makes caching techniques easier to set up. In overall, Statamic is more secure according to website security provider Sucuri. A downside to this alternative is that its license has a cost.



For e-commerce alternatives, Shopify is the ideal one. This platform hosts everything on its site, and you will only have to pay for the basic Shopify which costs 29 mo. Shopify is less likely to have issues involving performance than WordPress due to plugin availability.



With great editing features, it’s a simple platform designed specifically for hosted blogging for your business that is ready in minutes. Medium publications allows you to assign the writers and editors who can alter your publication.



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