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The Tools That Will Help Any Entrepreneur in Real Estate


Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” DealMachine is an investment software that helps you find knowledge where others don’t dare look; in this instance, the software looks for opportunities in unlisted properties. The software pulls information on user-snapped photos of desired properties, sends it to the owner with your offer to buy it, and automatically follows up until they respond.


Websites are the new storefronts where entrepreneurs showcase their products. For a small monthly payment, Carrot provides data collection services on possible leads on buyers and sellers for your real estate business. Other than that, they also provide branding opportunities by taking care of the website design and content. All of these features set you up for more client meetings and deal closings instead of making sure that your website is working.


You can find the perfect property in the most profitable location but still lose money because of inaccurate estimates of renovations and rental costs. DealCheck helps real estate entrepreneurs to quickly make profit projections on particular deals. All you need to do is to key in the purchase price, rental income, loan terms, and the software instantly calculates the ROI.


It’s one of the best in the business of compiling all the available property listings currently on the market. But unlike other classifieds software, HouseCanary provides pertinent information for people looking at properties as investments. It features filtering functions for users to see only the most profitable rental properties in an area or find the most profitable areas to buy a rental property.


Investors are expected to maintain and nurture relationships with potential clients. But, that’s easier said than done when it’s terribly difficult to know when a person is ready to buy or sell their properties. REIPro helps investors retain top of mind status in their client’s psyche by using customer relationship management systems has automated relationship nurturing programs and has in place a system for pertinent reminders.


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