Study Explains Habits of the Richest Men in U.S.


When billionaires have free time, they have the means for extravagant hobbies, whether it’s collecting classic cars or jet-setting across the globe. But the most common hobby billionaires pursue isn’t a display of wealth — it’s philanthropy.

Socio-economist Randall Bell, Ph.D., has been studying success for 25 years, analyzing the core characteristics that all great achievers have in common.

Take self-made billionaire Richard Branson, who wakes up around 5 a.m. to work out before starting his day. “I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit,” he tells FourHourBodyPress. “It keeps the brain functioning well.”

Branson is far from the only successful individual who prioritizes fitness. Dozens of today’s top business leaders, from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to media guru Oprah Winfrey, make time in their busy schedules for exercise.

Reading dramatically correlates with higher education and income, as well as overall happiness. Take the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, who reads 50 books a year, or Warren Buffett, who spends as much as 80% of his day reading.

They prioritize their relationships. Putting an effort into romance has benefit. Those who are in satisfying romantic relationships are far more likely to be happy overall and make more money. They plan out the day and write things down. Those who maintain both a calendar and to-do list are 289 percent more likely to be millionaires, as compared with those who have no real set schedule.


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