Netflix Launches New, Striking Update to ‘Download’ Feature


It’s called ‘Smart Downloads’ and will delete downloaded episodes automatically after they are watched

Netflix recently launched a ‘Download’ feature update for mobile phone users. The new and improved function will not only delete downloaded films automatically after you watch them, but also download new episodes when your phone has a Wi-Fi connection. It’s currently only available for Android tablets and phones.

With this update, it’ll be even easier to watch your favorite programs even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

This is actually an update to an update. More specifically, it is an update to the ‘Download’ feature released in 2016 that made it possible for mobile users of the entertainment provider to download episodes to their phones.

Why was this change necessary? According to company spokespersons, the update will save users the time of going through downloads to choose what to delete manually. This process is unavoidable when your phone storage is full or almost full.

Not all users are sure they’ll like the new feature. What if you want to watch a movie more than once? Well, that’s not going to be impossible. You can disable the Smart Downloads function. Just tap on the ‘Downloads’ icon, click on ‘Smart Downloads,’ and toggle the feature off.


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