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McDonald’s Temporarily Shuts US Offices Amid Layoffs Plans

Fast food giant McDonald’s notified its employees on Monday that it will temporarily shut down the US offices this week, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. The company made the decision as it prepares to issue layoff notices to corporate workers.

It is still unclear how many people will be affected by the layoffs plans. McDonald’s is expected to “deliver staffing decisions virtually” and has instructed employees to cancel previously scheduled in-person meetings at its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

“During the week of April 3, we will communicate key decisions related to roles and staffing levels across the organization,” the company wrote in the internal mail sent out to the staff.

In early 2023, McDonald’s announced plans to have an organizational restructure as part of their long-term strategic plan. At the time, the company said that some jobs would be moved while others would be eliminated completely. It also added that the move is expected to bring money-saving results but didn’t detail how many jobs it plans to cut.

McDonald’s shares have seen a slight movement after the Wall Street Journal’s report came out. The stock made a jump of 1% on Monday, trading at $282.32 per share. The company’s shares are currently up by 7% year-to-date.

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