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Italy Considers Lifting ChatGPT Ban if Company Addresses Concerns

Italy is considering allowing the return of ChatGPT in April should the technology’s producer, OpenAI, take “useful steps” to address the concerns of the country’s data protection watchdog, the Italian Data Protection Authority, the agency’s chief Pasquale Stanzione confirmed in an interview on Tuesday.

“We are ready to reopen ChatGPT on April 30 if there is a willingness on the part of OpenAI to take useful steps. I think there is on the part of the company, let’s see,” Stanzione declared.

Last week, the Italian Data Protection Authority produced a list of demands that OpenAI must meet by April 30 so that the Microsoft-backed company may be permitted to bring ChatGPT back online in Italy.

The Italian watchdog’s concerns about ChatGPT are centered on personal data processing as well as concerns over a suspected breach of privacy rules. Italy became the first Western European country to implement a suspension of ChatGPT’s operations.

EU lawmakers pleaded on Monday for world leaders to hold a summit to discuss ways to control the development of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems, with the group expressing concern for the rapid pace of the technology’s development.

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