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Every Entrepreneur Should Try These 6 Apps

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but that doesn’t mean you must struggle every step of the way.

Check out the apps below that will make your life easier and make your business better. 

Every Entrepreneur Should Try These 6 Apps


Slack is well known for their smart and easy to use communication platform. If you are working with a group of people, this app is a great way to keep in touch with everyone instantly, wherever you are. This tool also makes it extremely easy to search through past communication. Over 8 million people a day are using Slack, so maybe should give it a try too.

Every Entrepreneur Should Try These 6 Apps


If you like to-do lists, you’ll love Wunderlist. This application allows you to create personal or shared to-do lists, with each task having the options for notes, subtasks, and comments. This cloud-based app makes it easy to sync from your computer to your phone, and is definitely worth trying out.

Every Entrepreneur Should Try These 6 Apps



As an entrepreneur there’s a good chance you will have to issue invoices at some point. Check out Wave for a professional way to issue invoices – by tracking income, expenses, having the ability to scan receipts into the app, and even import data straight from your bank – this app will keep you and your invoices organized. It even allows you to create charts based on the data you’ve entered.

Every Entrepreneur Should Try These 6 Apps


It’s hard to keep up with all the passwords in your life, and cyber-security best practice means not having the same password for everything. 1Password will help you keep track of all your passwords, so you only need to remember “1 Password.” Save time and stress by downloading this app.



Every Entrepreneur Should Try These 6 Apps


If you’re work as an entrepreneur is based off of time you spend working you should check out Toggl. This app allows you to easily keep track of the time you’ve worked from your computer, phone or tablet, and therefore you will no longer need to create that dreaded time sheet, nor will you lose out on any billable minutes. You can organize your time based on project or client, and in case you forget to turn it on – don’t worry because you can always put in your hours later.



Every Entrepreneur Should Try These 6 Apps



Salesforce1 will help you organize everything you need to know about your clients, straight from your phone. All your client information is input into one platform that will help you with everything from marketing to business analytics. When you understand your customers better, you can run a better business.

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