Citiesocial Becomes Taiwans Rising Star with A $2.75 Million Investment from Alibaba


The Chinese tech Giant Alibaba is expanding its reach while helping Taiwan’s entrepreneurs by investing in citiesocial. The company based out of Taipei is the latest business to get money from Alibaba, and it’s looking to use that money to reach beyond Taiwan and into surrounding nations.

Companies like citiesocial are a part of a trend towards making marketing more personal. It helps companies sell their products by connecting them with influential social media voices who can give them a more carefully targeted voice. All of this while offering a powerful and compelling e-commerce marketplace that will help to capture a new and savvier market.

Citiesocial helps to sell a wide range of products, but its main focus is on lifestyle products. Two of the biggest success stories so far are the jacket brand Baubax and accessory manufacturer Vanacci. These two are just the tip of an iceberg made up of over two thousand brands.

Social media marketing is nothing new; it’s been happening for decades in one form or another. But many companies that want to have a presence on social media have trouble figuring out just how to make their goals a reality. Social media campaigns are all too often disorganized or far too artificial. Citiesocial looks to solve these issues by carefully organizing influencers who know how to speak to their audiences with clear and compelling voices. It’s the best of social media influencing and traditional marketing, perfect for the new Asian market.

Citiesocial may not be well known on a global network, but it has been working to build itself up slowly since it was founded back in 2011. It started in Taipei and eventually reached over into the market in Hong Kong, eventually building up a user base of 600 thousand. Now it’s poised to explode thanks to the influx of cash from Alibaba, with goals to expand into South Korea, Japan, and mainland China. The last destination helps to explain the partnership between citiesocial and Alibaba, which will help citiesocial get into mainland China while expanding Alibaba’s reach beyond its home country.

The move is a recognition of the new desire for individualism and personality when it comes to brands in mainland China. Citizens of the country have long looked at Western markets and their social media marketing efforts, but local efforts to copy these trends haven’t always been successful. The people at citiesocial have changed this in Taiwan, and Alibaba thinks that they can continue to reshape the e-commerce landscape as they expand.


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