Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read


Reading delightful books and then applying the key information that we learned from each book is life changing. Some of the biggest breakthroughs people ever experienced start because of a particular book they were reading at the time.

“Perennial Seller,” by Ryan Holiday: Perennial Seller is all about how to create work that lasts. So many people focus on creating an immediate big hit without ever directing their focus on creating work that lasts a lifetime. When you look at the most successful brands, authors, artists, musicians and anyone else producing content and sharing it with the world, the one common theme is that they first went out and created world-class work. This book is for anyone who has an idea, dream or service and wants to share it with the world in a massive way. I highly recommend this book.


“Finish,” by Jon Acuff: According to the University of Scranton, 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail. When Acuff discovered this statistic just as he was examining his own life, he became passionate about finding solutions on how to follow through to achieve your goals. Acuff doesn’t just go into detail to explain why finishing a goal is your most important task — he actually provides actionable ideas and strategies you can implement to help you complete your most important projects. Before you set your 2018 goals and decide on your New Year’s resolutions, this is a book that I highly suggest you take a look at.


“Deep Work,” by Cal Newport: This book was a huge reminder that one of the biggest competitive advantages out there is the ability to focus harder and longer than anyone else. I am confident that Deep Work will completely transform your productivity and overall performance and provide the sense of true fulfilment that comes from craftsmanship. Distraction is the enemy of greatness, and Newport has created an indispensable guide for anyone looking, in this distracted world, to take his or her success to the next level.


“The Ultimate Sales Machine,” by Chet Holmes: A lot of businesses fall short when it comes to rapid growth because the leader is focusing on so many different things at once instead of the vital few that will bring the biggest rewards. As Holmes wrote: “Becoming a master is not about doing 4,000 different things, it’s about doing 12 things, 4,000 times each.” Everything from unique sales strategies and marketing tactics, to successful management concepts, is covered in this book which looks at the multiple facets of running a highly successful company.




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