Airbus Modernization is Bolstering the Stability of Both Airbus and Bombadier


When JetBlue got a taste of the first planes built by Airbus in Mobile, Alabama, they got hooked instantly. That was years ago with A330s.

Recently though, they ordered new models. It’s a clear vote of confidence for the aircraft builder who just recently announced plans to upgrade their manufacturing capacity in the region.

JetBlue has committed to order 60 units of the new Airbus A220-300 as part of their modernization plan.

Together with the already-in-circulation A321s and redesigned the A320s, the company’s fleet enters the cutting edge of the airline market with greatly improved economics and flight range.

This essentially allows them to be more financially flexible to invest more in key areas that need growth.

The A220-300 is basically a renamed version of the Bombadier C Series. Bombadier has been operating within the region even before JetBlue came into the picture but later struck a deal with Airbus and let them have their C Series of aircrafts.

As an established manufacturer in Mobile, partnering with Airbus for a bigger share of the market is an excellent move for the company.

While not the entire 60 planes can be accomplished in Mobile, this ensures them that there will be a significant number of orders in the future.

Airbus’ modernization is truly a blessing for both companies as they are both assured of quality business for years to come because of it. Aside from the A220-300s, the JetBlue is also thinking about upgrading a substantial number of their A320s in the region as well.



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