A Closer Look at the Ticketmaster Data Theft


It was in June that there was a serious breach at Ticketmaster which is believed to have been just a part of an overall strategy by fraudsters to skim credit cards. This has seen over 800 different online ecommerce sites being affected, according to the folks at RiskIQ, a cybersecurity company.

It was through InBenta Technologies that the hackers were able to gain access to the information held by Ticketmaster. The main Ticketmaster platform held firm and was not compromised.

As a result of targeting InBenta with this attack, the Magecart hacking group still were able to gain access to the payment information of Ticketmaster customers. This strategy has been utilised on numerous occasions by the hacking group on other online sites. In total, this strategy will allow the hackers to get the best bang bang for their buck.

These types of hacking groups are always trying to be one or two steps ahead of the online companies they are targeting and will get creative in the ways in which they can breach through the security of these platforms. They know that these bigger companies take their website security very seriously in this day and age, so they target 3rd parties suppliers instead and use them as a gateway to get the information that they are looking for.

Even the compromising of a single one of these 3rd party suppliers could lead to access for more than 10,000 credit cards.


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