The 10 Most Expensive Cities in the US to Live In


Each city has their own pros and cons which, in a way, make each one equal. It’s all a matter of preference whether you want to live within the hustle and bustle of cities like New York or go to work in flip-flops in relaxed cities like Honolulu. Ultimately, however, living in the city of your dreams is all a matter of your ability to live comfortably with your income. 

San Francisco
As a tech-savvy millennial, you might be dreaming to live in the epicenter of the tech industry in San Francisco; but if you’re not going to earn above $123,268 annually, living your dreams might come at the price of comfort. Rent has gone up so high up to $3,300 for a basic one-bedroom apartment that even the employed are forced to live in their cars. Groceries are also more expensive here than anywhere else in America. 

New York
It’s one of the most storied cities in the world with the likes of Frank Sinatra singing about it in all of its glory. However, if you ever dreamed about living at the heart of the Big Apple, be ready to spend above $99,667 just to be able to live comfortably. It’s a prestigious address with a price tag to match. For a run-of-the-mill one-bedroom, you can expect to pay an average of $2,290.

San Jose
Living contentedly the very heart of the famed Silicon Valley comes at a premium. Rent starts at $2,395 per month. However, living there might be well worth it because the benefits of working for a tech startup such as stock options more than compensates for the expense. If you’re in any other industry, however, it may be more worth it to commute into the city everyday rather than live in it.


Also on the list:

Oakland – $95,611 to live comfortably

Washington D.C. – $90,811 to live comfortably

Seattle – $89,248 to live comfortably

Boston – $88,967 to live comfortably

Los Angeles – $87,260 to live comfortably

Anaheim – $86,721 to live comfortably

Honolulu – $85,367 to live comfortably


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