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WWE Shares Soar in Light of Vince McMahon Exit

Vince McMahon has been the face of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. for as long as most people can remember. But as of a mere week ago, he was no longer a part of the organization.

Due to allegations of misconduct that were directed at him, McMahon was forced to step down as Chief Executive Officer of the WWE, ending an era.

If people were wondering what this would mean for the WWE’s future, the recently released financial results may give them some hope in the matter.

According to the reports, the WWE expects revenue in quarter two to be roughly $328 million, which is way above the market estimate of $311.9 million. Meanwhile, the company’s shares rose by a whopping 6.5%.

People can only speculate, but many are assuming that this rise has a lot to do with the departure of McMahon. After the unfortunate allegations, a change was needed—and it seems like this was the necessary change.

Northcoast Research analyst John Healy added this statement regarding McMahon’s effect on leaving the company:

“People are trying to ask if Vince letting go of operational and management responsibilities serves as a canary in the coal mine to a potential suitor coming in here to take over the business,” said John Healy, analyst at Northcoast Research.

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