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Why Disney Has an Advantage Over Streaming Competition

Remember the days when Netflix was pretty much the only streaming service that people had? It was a glorious revelation, being able to just turn on the service and select any TV show or movie that was available. Roughly a decade later, there are now tons of different streaming services, each one setting itself apart in its own way.

There’s Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, HBO, and of course Disney+. Each of these services has its own brand of programs it offers, but it turns out that Disney+ has a slight advantage.

According to Finance Analyst Barton Crockett, Disney+ has a significant upper hand in the battle for streaming service supremacy—the offering of bundles.

“This is something that Disney can offer that its competitors are not offering, which is a bundle,” he maintained. “Multiple services and price points and ways to hook you in. One of the lessons of the history of television is bundling.”

For instance, one bundle option that Disney offers is a combination of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ which can be as cheap as $13.99 and goes all the way up to $19.99. Even within bundles, there is still variety to choose from. Disney clearly doesn’t believe in putting all its eggs in one basket, and this is a strategy that Crockett believes is a good one.

With so many streaming services trying to get our hard earned dollars, ultimately these fees stack up, leading to consumers making cuts. So with Disney offering bundles, it may entice users to opt for these more all-inclusive options instead of having subscriptions to five different services simultaneously.

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