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Where Does Apple TV+ Stand in the Streaming Industry?

Is it possible that investors aren’t taking Apple TV+ seriously enough?

As we continue to enjoy watching all of the big streaming giants face off against one another, Apple TV+ seems to be rising up the ladder. With Netflix losing roughly one million users in the last quarter alone, and Peacock adding no paid users at all in the same time period, Apple TV+ has retained relevancy and doesn’t look to be slowing down.

However, before you rush off and buy stock with Apple TV+, there is proper reason to not get too excited. According to Manhattan Venture Partners head of research Santosh Rao, the company still has ways to go before offering solid competition.

“Apple’s streaming service never set out to be number one,” said Rao, later adding that their offerings are painfully limited. One thing he noted was that their original content is sorely lacking in comparison to that of rivals like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+.

Rao continued: “Apple is good at the game that they play, but it’s not a mass appeal game—they want to be the creative storytellers. They’re more focused,” Rao said.

On one hand, the fact that Apple has a limited library means that they’re able to keep their costs low. However, this also comes at the cost of their overall catalog suffering.

Down the line we can expect that Apple TV+ will continue to adapt and improve their strategy in this particular realm.

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