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Tesla to Use New Batteries in Semi-Heavy Electric Trucks and Affordable Vehicle

Tesla Inc revealed on Thursday its plan to use cheaper, iron-based batteries in its semi-heavy electric trucks as well as a new affordable electric car.

Chief Executive Elon Musk has long stood behind the decision to use cheaper lithium phosphate (LFP) battery technology, announcing in March that “the vast majority of the heavy lifting for electrification will be iron-based cells.”

According to the company’s “Master Plan Part 3” released on Wednesday, LFP batteries will be used in “short-range” heavy electric trucks, which the company referred to as “Semi Light.” No details such as a release date were given.

Last December, Tesla began to deliver its Semi electric trucks with a longer 500-mile driving range per charge. These trucks are powered by a nickel-based battery.

In addition to switching its “Semi Light” trucks to LFP batteries, Tesla also plans to use these batteries in its mid-sized vehicles, Model 3 and Model Y. As of late, no timeline for the transition has been given.

While Tesla is determined to make use of the LFP batteries, the prospect of Chinese suppliers building factories in the United States poses a challenge due to Chinese-U.S. tensions.

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