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Tech Stocks Cheaper Due to Major Crumbles

We all know the feeling of looking at a successful stock, and regretting that we didn’t invest in it sooner, while it was still cheap.

Well, as it turns out, aspiring stock traders may have an opportunity to do just that. A handful of big tech companies, which only a year ago posted “record highs”, according to JPMorgan strategist Mislav Matejka, are now selling at a much cheaper rate.

This is due to a slight beatdown that these companies experienced, resulting in a value hit that’s leaving shareholders in a much worse position than before. However, conventional wisdom advises people to jump at precise opportunities such as these. Buy the stocks when they’re cheap, and then reap the rewards when they shoot back up.

Of course, no one really knows whether or not these battered-down stocks will shoot back up, and therein lies the dilemma. But considering the fact that they were enjoying astonishing success no more than a mere year ago, it could be a sign that this downswing is a silly little fluke.

Matejka had this to say on the matter, “Bond yields could be more range bound from here over the next few months, rather than upward moving.”

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