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One-Quarter of Americans Plan to Buy Electric Car in the Future

A recent American Automobile Association (AAA) survey shows that drivers in the United States are becoming increasingly eager to own an electric vehicle (EV). According to the survey, which saw 1,051 U.S. adults taking part, one-quarter of Americans plan to get an EV next time they buy a car.

The 77 percent of those who want to own an electric car as their next vehicle said their decision is prompted by increasing gas prices. The gas prices have been at historic levels in recent months, even surpassing $5 per gallon at one point. The current national average is $4.631.

When it comes to age groups, millennials are setting the tone. More than 30 percent of all Millenials who took part in the survey intend to purchase an electric car next time they are shopping for a vehicle.

“The increase in gas prices over the last six months has pushed consumers to consider going electric, especially for younger generations,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations.

With that being said, the survey also showed that plenty of Americans are still not convinced that owning an EV is the way to go. The main concerns are related to the high price of electric cars, lack of charging stations, range issues, and high repair costs.

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