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Mark Cuban Has “Taken a Net Loss” on His “Shark Tank” Investments

You may know Mark Cuban as a brilliant businessman, smart investor, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and star of the reality show Shark Tank. But it turns out not everything Cuban touches turns to gold.

Cuban recently made an appearance on the Full Send podcast and used the opportunity to give the fans a bit of “behind the scenes” info about his investments on Shark Tank. As it turns out, there were more misses than hits for Cuban as he has “taken a net loss” on all of his combined investments during the show’s run.

“I haven’t gotten out more than I have put in,” said Cuban.

However, it is important to note that Cuban’s loses are on a “cash basis” at the moment. 

“That doesn’t account for all the ongoing, operating businesses and their valuations,” he added.

Cuban also opened up on the worst investment that he ever made on Shark Tank, saying that this honor belongs to the smartphone breathalyzer Breathometer. Its creator Charles Michael Yim claimed that the device, which attaches to a smartphone and can correctly predict the level of alcohol in your blood and prompt your device to present the “call a cab option.”

Despite being a convincing pitch, Breathometer later bombed and even became a subject of a lawsuit for misleading the customers.

Check out Cuban’s appearance on the Full Send podcast below.

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