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General Motors Revises Return-To-Office Policy Changes After Pushback

Automaker General Motors decided to revise the recently announced plan for return-to-office policy changes after receiving strong pushback from its workers. According to GM’s CEO Mary Barra, the company recognized the criticism and won’t implement the changes in 2022.

The GM employees received an email late on Friday detailing a plan that would require them to start working in the office three days a week starting later this year. The plan, as well as the timing of the announcement, caused an uproar among the workers, who felt blindsided by the decision.

On Wednesday, the company apologized for the way it handled the rollout and told the employees that it would delay the new return-to-office policy for the time being. However, the company intends to ask for “a more regular, in-person presence” from its workers at some point in the future. 

“We understand our employees have concerns and are committed to maintaining flexibility to ensure they can attend to personal commitments,” said GM spokesperson Maria Raynal in a statement to The New York Post. “As we implement this change, we are listening to employee feedback and will incorporate it into our planning.”

Back in April 2021, General Motors announced plans to allow its employees to choose whether they want to work remotely or in the office. At the time, the company said it is committed to ensuring its workers have the flexibility to decide which option will have “the greatest impact to achieve their goals and for their individual success.”

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