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Ford Opens Order for F-150 Despite Production Issue

Ford Motor Co stated on Friday that it would look to allow orders for its F-150 Lightning pickup truck to be placed despite hitting a production snag. It was reported by Reuters on Wednesday that some of the units were missing door handles.

“While a supplier part shortage is affecting some of our North American plants, we expect to make up all of the production that is impacted,” Ford announced following the snag.

The decision to resume orders comes as Ford aims to scale its annual production to 150,000 units. The company reiterated this plan upon releasing its Q1 fiscal earnings report last Tuesday.

Despite losses in its electric vehicle business, the company’s earnings beat expectations as its traditional car business, known as Ford Blue, saw an increase in sales alongside its Ford Pro fleet operations. The company’s revenue for the first three months of 2023 reached $39.09 billion, beating estimates of $36.08 billion, while its earnings per share were 63 cents, beating estimates of 41 cents per share.

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