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Experts Discuss If You Should Buy Energy Stocks

If you look at the year 2022, you’d see that energy stocks have enjoyed a solid run. The S&P 500’s XLE has gone up further than 40% since the start of the year, which is far beyond what anything else in the market has done. This recent stroke of fortune has investors wondering if they should invest in this particular market—and energy analysts are now weighing in on whether or not that’s a good idea.

Throughout this year, people had been investing like crazy into energy stocks—but come summertime, people started to pull back due to rumors that there was an impending recession on the horizon. However, it seems as though some of those recession worries have started to fade, and people are now wondering again if they should invest in the market.

Here’s what energy analyst Stewert Glickman had to say on the matter: “We still think we are in the early stages of a longer-term period where crude oil and natural gas prices remain fairly high by historical standards. In practical terms, this means crude oil likely in a range of $80/b – $100/b (WTI) (CL=F), and at those price points, many energy firms should have strong earnings power and throw off a lot of free cash flow.”

In other words, it’s still not a bad bet at all to invest in energy—but it’s also not necessarily a sure thing.

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