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EV Maker Rivian Plots a $1.3 Billion Bonds Sale to Raise Capital

Facing weakening demand and supply chain issues, U.S. electric vehicle maker Rivian will attempt to improve its capital position with a massive bonds sale. The company will offer $1.3 billion in bonds to interested investors, according to an announcement made on Monday.

Rivian’s offering will consist of “green bonds,” which offer a smaller return on investment but support sustainable and environmental-friendly projects. After the $1.3 billion in bonds is sold, the initial investors will also have a chance to buy “$200 million of the bonds for settlement after the bonds are issued.”

According to the company, the bonds come with a maturity date of March 2029. At that point, the investors will be offered a chance to turn them into Rivian shares or cash.

The capital that Rivian raises from the bonds sale will be used for “current and future green projects,” which includes the R2 family of electric cars. The project consists of smaller and cheaper models of SUVs and pickup trucks, which will be manufactured in a new plant in Georgia.

After the news was made public, Rivian stock dropped almost 10 percent in after-hours trading on Monday compared to the $17.13 per share closing price. The company’s shares lost roughly 60% of their value in the past year.

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