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Bud Light Maker to Layoff Workers After Beer Loses Market Top Spot

Beer maker Anheuser-Busch revealed on Wednesday that it will lay off some of its U.S. corporate staff. This comes after Bud Light lost its spot as America’s top-selling beer in May; a position it held for over two decades. Now, the Mexican lager Modelo Especial has taken the top spot.

A representative of Anheuser-Busch explained in a statement that the company will be restructured in a way to “simplify and reduce layers within its organization.” The layoffs will occur on the corporate side of the business, not affecting the jobs of “brewery and warehouse staff, drivers, and field sales, among others.”

The spokesperson explained that the layoffs would affect less than 2% of the company’s staff, adding that Anheuser-Busch employs over 19,000 employees across the United States. The 2% figure would account for around 380 positions.

CEO Brendan Whitworth claimed that the layoffs are a necessary step to maintain the health of the company, insisting that Anheuser-Busch remains poised for long-term success.

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