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Beyond Meat Long-Term Expenses Combat Short-Term Growth

Beyond Meat has been among the world leaders in the vegetarian meat industry for years. As the world continues to be more health-conscious, as well as more vegetarian-oriented, companies like Beyond Meat have thrived exceptionally.

However, lately, their success has hit a bit of a rough patch. The reason for this has little to do with their amazing product, and more to do with their long-term goals.

Lately, the company has worked towards developing a new product—Beyond Meat jerky. Adding a new product to a company’s catalog can take a major toll on a company’s most prized resources: manpower, time, and money. It appears as though this is exactly what’s happening as Beyond Meat continues to develop its new jerky.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jennifer Bartashus had this to say about Beyond Meat’s recent long-term ventures: “The pursuit of growth opportunities such as jerky is creating operational inefficiencies and higher costs, burning through cash.”

Bartashus went on to say that with the company focusing so heavily on succeeding in the future, it may be sacrificing some of its short-term success.

Beyond Meat is aware of this, and perhaps that’s fine. After all, a healthy amount of risk is always necessary when reaching for the stars. But for those looking to invest in the company, this information about a shaky short term is crucial to know.

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