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Arm Ltd to Build Its Own Semiconductor

British chipmaker Arm Ltd is set to build its own semiconductor to showcase the capabilities of its products, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. This comes after the software design company announced its Initial Public Offering (IPO) which will be launched later this year.

Currently backed by Soft Bank Group Corp, Arm will team up with its existing manufacturing partners to develop the new semiconductor. The company, which started designing the chip six months ago, claims that it is “more advanced” than ever before. According to the Financial Times article, the company presently has no plans to license or sell the chip.

Arm has built a new “solutions engineering” team to focus on the development of the chip and other related products. This includes prototype chips for laptops, mobile devices, and other electronics.

News of the company’s plans to develop its own semiconductor comes after Intel Corp stated earlier this month that it would collaborate with Arm to ensure that its mobile phone chips that use Arm’s technology can be made in Intel’s factories.

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