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Amazon Prime Day Numbers Prove to Be a Success

Every year, consumers gear up for the one and only Prime Day, courtesy of tech giant Amazon. This year, apparently, they were a little bit more excited than usual—because according to numbers that Amazon released, it was a major success.

Amazon released the results of Prime Day 2022 with pride, claiming that members bought around 300 million items worldwide. This was over a span of two days, the extent of Prime Day. But while this number sounds like a high amount, perhaps it’ll mean a lot more when you consider the numbers that came out this time last year.

Last year on Prime Day 2021, users purchased around 250 million items—although Amazon didn’t reveal the exact details. However, with an uptick of approximately 50 million items purchased, it’s safe to assume that this year was a wild success.

But it wasn’t just Prime Day that showed how far Amazon has come in only one year. In the three weeks leading up to Prime Day 2022, Amazon ran a campaign called “Support Small Businesses to Win Big”—which resulted in customers spending $3 billion. Compare this to a similar campaign that ran in 2021 in which users spent $1.9 billion, a considerably less amount.

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