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Amazon Digs Deeper Into Healthcare With One Medical Deal

Amazon is no longer just about e-commerce and video streaming. The tech giant hasn’t been shy about wanting to dip its toes into the healthcare industry as well—and a recent power move indicates that they’re following through on it.

The company has just announced its plans to buy One Medical, a primary care firm respected around the world. The deal is worth a whopping $3.49 billion, which only serves to show how serious Amazon is about expanding its horizons.

Amazon will now have a plethora of doctors’ offices at its disposal, in addition to the seemingly endless amount of products it has on its website. They continue to push deeper into the world of healthcare, and it seems as though they’re succeeding at it.

But this wasn’t the first big move they’ve done towards assimilating with the healthcare industry. Back in 2019, they piloted virtual care visits for Seattle Amazon employees and then offered the same services to various employers throughout the country. This was all under the promotional campaign of the Amazon Care brand, which is now looking a lot stronger after this new deal.

As Amazon Health Services’ senior vice president said about the matter, “We think healthcare is high on the list of experiences that need reinvention.”

In other words, Amazon doesn’t just want to get into the healthcare industry—they want to help innovate it as well.

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